Sunday, May 7, 2017

The Rigdon, Ansley & Company Revolver

When the Leech & Rigdon partnership dissolved in December of 1863, Charles Rigdon moved to Augusta, Georgia. Here he formed a new company with Jesse A. Ansley, Andrew J. Smith, and Charles R. Keen under the new name Rigdon, Ansley & Company. New production revolvers begin at about serial number 1500 with the highest serial number known in the 2400 range.

Some historians feel they were basically the same revolvers, with 6 stops, as those produced by Leech & Rigdon and that 12 stop cylinders came later in production "at the request for some sort of safety system, by Confederate Ordnance". 
Speculation on my part; it does sound reasonable that some of the first revolvers could have had leftover Leech & Rigdon parts.

Others feel there were three major changes made in the beginning. The cylinder changed to 12 cylinder stops, the loading lever changed to a Colt Navy type latch, and the face of the recoil shield now had a cap release groove. They feel that these changes are important identifying features of the real Rigdon and Ansley. 

The Rigdon, Ansley just like the Leech & Rigdon revolver fall in that same category of being some of the most counterfeited revolvers ever made. 


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