Sunday, April 9, 2017

This interesting carbine caught the eye of someone in the Confederate War Department as they contracted with Virginia arms maker, Bilharz, Hall & Co., to produce 1000 near copies of the arm in 1963/early 1864.

The Springfield M1855 rifled carbine. Only around 1,020 of these rifled carbines were manufactured by Springfield Armory in the mid-1850s. They were the first rifled carbines produced at the national armories and differed from the other Model 1855 series firearms in that they lack the Maynard tape primer system.

The barrel was the typical 22” carbine length and rifled to use the .54 caliber Minnie ball.
It featured a captive ramrod that was retained by a swinging link system, similar to the pattern used on the US M-1842 pistol.
As you will note the carbine has the basic front sight and three folding leaf rear sight. Two piece trigger guard with a large round saddle ring mounted on the rear.

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