Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Colt M1877, this was Colt's first attempt at manufacturing a double-action revolver and was also the first successful US-made double-action cartridge revolver.

Build as an deluxe exhibition piece this Colt Model 1877 "Storekeeper" revolver was manufactured in 1877. The revolver is factory engraved, finished in nickel with factory gold hammer and cylinder and niter blue on the small components. Fitted with smooth two-piece pearl grips. 

Colt Sheriff's Model 1877 manufactured in 1895. The revolver was profusely engraved by Nimschke with a beautifully executed floral scroll pattern featured on the barrel, frame, trigger guard and cylinder flats. Even the sides of the trigger guard are engraved with a checkered pattern. Walnut grips.

Professionally restored Colt Sheriff's Model 1877. Nickel-plated finish with niter blue screws and two-piece pearl bird's head grips. The revolver features flawlessly executed Germanic scroll engraving on a punch-dot background with zig-zag, double line and dot borders.

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