Sunday, January 8, 2017

“The Rarest Confederate Revolver Ever Made”


Yep, another one, this one was made by George Todd in Austin, Texas.
From what I have found, firm documentation on this revolver does not exist. Dates of manufacture vary from 1851 to 1863 depending upon who you read. This George Todd .36 revolver, serial numbered 272 has been referenced throughout the literature of famous Confederate weapons for over 50 years. So, with this in mind I will pass on some of the information I have found. Use your own imagination.

“George Todd came to Texas from Alabama in 1851 and set up his small operation on Second Street in Austin, patterning his revolvers on the .36 caliber Colt Navy model with octagon and round barrels.
Todd stayed in Texas only a short time after the outbreak of the Civil War before moving back to Alabama. He made only a small number of these revolvers while in his Texas shop”.


“George H. Todd learned the gunsmith trade in Montgomery Alabama in 1851. In 1858 he went to Texas and followed his business, making rifles, revolvers and gun caps for the State.
He also saw a little active service at Eagles Pass on the Rio Grande.
In 1868 he returned to Montgomery and set up a gun shop; he also owned considerable real estate near the city”.


“From William Albaugh's classic text Confederate Handguns to Norm Flayderman's Guide to Antique American Firearms, this gun has a storied and spectacular reputation as an extremely rare Texas Confederate weapon.
This serial number 272 may be the highest number known (Albaugh III) placing this gun at the time of the Civil War in Texas, historically significant, making this the most rare Confederate revolver known”.

This much I know for sure...... 
The revolver has six stops on an iron frame features a 7 1/2" octagon to round barrel. It is stamped "George Todd . Austin" on the upper barrel flat. The trigger guard, backstrap and front strap are made of brass.  



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