Sunday, January 29, 2017

Lindsay “Two Shooter” Musket

The Lindsay “Two Shooter” was arguably the most interesting musket issued during the Civil War. 
Developed in 1863 by J.P. Lindsay, this rifle used a "superposed charge" system to give the firepower of a double barreled rifle in the format of a single barreled infantry musket. 
Only 1000 were produced and only a small number issued. 

The musket is designed to be loaded twice. One charge directly on top of the other. It fires by means of two hammers. One hammer fires the forward charge, the second hammer fires the bottom charge. The bottom bullet was covered with grease and wax to prevent the first charge from setting off the second when the trigger was pulled the first time. Sometimes this didn’t work as planned and consequently the US govt decided that 1000 examples of this gun was enough. They were unpopular, due to the real and present danger of the first charge misfiring (bad primer, fouled powder, etc) and the second charge being obstructed and destroying the rifle.


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