Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Fluck Dragoons Enigma

"This is a rare example of a Colt U.S. Walker Replacement Dragoon revolver that was manufactured in 1848. The Fluck Dragoons are believed to have been manufactured by Colt as replacements for Colt Walker Model revolvers that failed in service and were assembled with some re-worked Walker parts. Little documentation exists on these pistols." (Auction house description.)

From Flayderman’s Guide

US Walker Replacement Dragoon. Also known as the “Pre 1st Model Dragoon” and the “Flunk” Dragoon (named after the late John J Flunk whose detailed research in 1956 first identified the gun as a distinct model) Manufactured in 1848.
Closely resembling the First Model Colt Dragoon. Just 300 of these were made by Colt for the US government to replace Colt Walkers which had burst or otherwise failed while in US service.

More recently, tentatively renamed “Colt’s Second Contract Dragoon” (not to be confused with the “Second Model Dragoon”) In a 1989 detailed study “Observations on Colt’s Second Contract” November 2, 1847 add complication and controversy to this rare model. The authors have theoretically identified 1000 (rather than 300) of this enigmatic Colt, contracted in 1847 and delivered in four shipments, each with their own variations, in 1848. As this survey is conjectural and was based on the examination of “...well over a dozen specimens”.

"Fine Pair of Rare Consecutively Serial Numbered U.S. Colt "Fluck" Dragoon Percussion Revolvers -A) Colt Pre-1st Model Dragoon Percussion Revolver" (Auction house description)

You be the judge, if any that makes sense to you.

Me? Well I'm certainly glad I'm not a Colt collector. I'm not sure what all the above tells me, but like Granny Hawkins said, it "don't mean doodley squat", 'cause I ain't a lookin' to buy one.


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