Wednesday, July 20, 2016

1862 Confederate Musketoon

This musketoon is quite interesting. Obviously assembled and altered by using some parts from the captured Harpers Ferry Armory and fitted with a lock from the Richmond Armory. The Richmond lock pretty much dates and explains that it was likely assembled at the Richmond Armory.

It has a 33 inch smooth bore barrel, without bayonet lug, with a blade front sight in a stud and three leaf folding rear sight. The barrel is fitted to an altered U.S. Model 1855 type walnut stock with iron patch box and buttplate. One iron barrel band and a dual band brass forend band with a sling swivel, similar to what is often seen on J.P. Murray Musketoons. The second sling swivel is mounted to the front of the trigger guard.
The lock plate has the Richmond Armory "Type II" characteristics of a hump between the hammer and bolster, "1862" marked vertically behind the hammer and marked "C.S./RICHMOND V.A." at the front. The barrel has "V/P/eagle head' inspection and proof marks near the breech.

The Civil War was disastrous for Harpers Ferry, it changed hands eight times between 1861 and 1865. 
When Virginia seceded in April 1861, the U.S. garrison attempted to burn the arsenal and destroy the machinery but the locals saved the buildings. 
The Confederate Army transferred equipment and inventory to a more secure location in its capital of Richmond. 
Inventory included forgings, dies, parts and surviving rifles, of various models, all were used to construct weapons for the Southern war effort.

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