Wednesday, May 4, 2016

- Rogers & Spencer Revolver -

This is an outstanding example of one of the approximately 5,800 percussion revolvers manufactured circa 1863-65 by Rogers & Spencer of Willowdale, New York, (which is near Utica). The U.S. Ordnance contract was for 5,000 revolvers, 1,500 to be delivered by the end of April 1865 and the balance by September of 1865. There is no record of issuance of any of the revolvers, due to the Civil War ending. All 5,000 of them were kept in storage in New York until 1901. At that time the entire lot of them were sold at auction. The highest bidder was the company of, Francis Bannerman and Son, who purchased the lot for around $ .50 each. Bannerman then sold the pistols throughout the first quarter of the 20th Century.  
Many original Rogers & Spencer revolvers are seen today in excellent, near mint condition.

Bannerman and Son, "The ultimate Army-Navy store" is a story of it's own. The Roger & Spencer purchase was just a "drop in the bucket". Read more about this amazing surplus store HERE.

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