Tuesday, May 17, 2016

- Lucius Pond Revolvers -

Lucius W. Pond of Worcester, Massachusett, began making the Belt Revolver in around 1861, at a time when America was fighting itself in the American Civil War. For a year or so, Pond was able to produce a number of .32 and .44 rimfire Belt revolvers, in partial accordance with a patent issued to Abram Gibson on the 10th July 1860. In 1862, however, Smith & Wesson made a challenge to the Belt revolver's production.
Smith & Wesson's challenge centered on a patent issued for their 'Rollin White' patent, issued in 1855.The court ruled in favor of Smith & Wesson, however Pond (alongside Bacon, Moore and Warner whom were also found infringing that patent).
Pond was able to continue producing the Belt Revolver, under the clause of the contract which stated that the Belt Revolvers that were 'in the course of production' could be completed. This allowed Pond to continue production of the Belt Revolver with a final run of 4,486 Belt Revolvers. Those revolvers were marked as the court demanded, "Manuf'd for Smith & Wesson Pat'd April 5, 1855" (as well as a payment of royalties to Smith & Wesson).


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