Thursday, May 19, 2016

Bilharz, Hall & Co. Carbine

This rare Confederate carbine was manufactured by Bilharz, Hall and Company, Pittsylvania Courthouse, Virginia. (known today as Chatham)
The first deliveries made to the Confederate Ordnance Department by Bilharz, Hall & Company were in the late summer or early fall of 1862, and on September 16 of that year they were paid $4,500 for “100 Breech-loading carbines”.
Research indicates that no other breech loading carbines were manufactured, as shortly after Bilharz received a new contract to manufacture Confederate copies of the US M-1855 Rifled Carbine. 

Coined as a  "Rising Breech Carbine" by collectors, it is an iron frame single shot breech loading percussion carbine in .54 cal. with a 21" round barrel. 
The breech consists of a breech block, frame, lock plate and side plate with a hinged lever which doubles as a trigger guard. The breech block rises vertically when the trigger guard/lever is lowered at which time a paper cartridge is inserted into the block from the front.

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