Friday, March 11, 2016

Colt M-1851 Copycats

After Colt's patent expired in 1857 many arms manufacturers prepared to offer a similar product of their own as soon as they possibly could. A few examples follow;

Bacon Arms Co. pocket model. Manufactured 1858-1867. Fluted cylinder, 31 caliber, 4" barrel.


Nepperhan Firearms Company pocket model manufactured in Yonkers, New York. Early 1860s. 31 caliber, 4" barrel.


Hopkins & Allen "Dictator" Manufactured 1860-1870, likely by Bacon Arms Co., Approx 1000 made, 36 caliber 4'' barrel.


Manhattan Firearms Arms Pocket revolver manufactured in Newark, New Jersey. 31 caliber, 5" barrel. 
Produced prior to their patent for the extra set of safety notches.

On a side note; Thomas Bacon, was for a while, superintendent of manufacturing at Manhattan Arms. He departed and founded Bacon Arms. The frame design on these four revolvers appears identical and was likely his influence.